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Headaches When Exercising?

Headaches When Exercising? This is the reason!
But sometimes headaches arise after exercising.

According to Ilan Danan, MD, MSc, a sports neurologist at the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Relief at Cedars Sinai in the Jobe Institute, you can overcome this if it happens.

This is a headache that appears during or after high intensity exercise.

A will feel pain all over the head, but not like a migraine that is only one side and not like a normal headache.

Headaches because this exercise tends to beat.

There are two types of headaches when exercising namely primary and secondary.

Primary exercise is a headache that usually lasts between five minutes and 48 hours while the secondary can last longer and worse.

Severe exercise is the most common cause, said Dr. Danan.

Other causes and risk factors include changes in height, dehydration, heat, humidity, and low blood sugar.

But mostly because you do it too hard.

If secondary headaches require a doctor's visit, headaches due to exercise usually heal themselves.

If you use over-the-counter drugs, try something anti-steroid like Advil or Aleve instead of Tylenol, Dr. Danan.

However, if you exercise almost every day it's good to consider environmental causes and monitor the weather rather than using Advil every day.

If you are prone to headaches caused by exercise, Dr. Danan said that the best step besides taking anti-inflammatory medication is to make sure you warm up and make it easier for you to exercise.

This is very helpful when headaches are caused by environmental elements outside your control.

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