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Bending Position Is Not Completely Bad For Body Posture

Bending Position Is Not Completely Bad For Body Posture
Many people want to have a perfect posture.

So do not be surprised if they are very concerned about his position when standing, sitting, or sleeping.

As much as possible they avoid positions that are considered wrong and are considered to interfere with body posture.

The position of bending in front of the computer or when watching television is considered to damage the body posture.

In addition, this position can develop back pain or stiff neck.

But the latest research reveals if the position is actually not so alarming.

Everything depends on the pressure in the spine.

In fact, in the results of the study said sitting posture bent can help increase the amount of fluid between the spinal discs and help reduce stiffness in the joints.

Research conducted by a physiotherapist at the North Tees University Hospital in Durham concluded that some of the habits of bowing can provide a good alternative to upright sitting positions.

The same thing was expressed by research in Australia.

In the study it was said that taking the time to sit in a hunchback position while sitting upright can help keep the muscles in the core and legs.

An osteopath from London, Gavin Smith gave his opinion on this matter.

"The position of sitting upright can activate the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and back. With a sitting position bent, the muscles become relaxed. Some periodic relaxation is needed and it is very helpful," said Gavin as quoted from The Sun , Thursday.

On the other hand, he also said if the sitting position is upright where the feet are flat on the floor and the back is straight it can cause tension in the middle of the spine.

Even in worse conditions that position can cause breathing problems.

"Sitting or standing in any position for a long time is not a good thing. The position of bowing is actually good and not worse than an upright sitting position. As long as it doesn't do it all the time," explained Gavin.

Therefore, he recommends that everyone change positions every hour to avoid tension that can damage the posture.

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