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6 Ways to Stay Energetic When Fasting Despite Sleep Deprivation

6 Ways to Stay Energetic When Fasting Despite Sleep Deprivation
In fact, it does not rule out the possibility of reduced sleep.

This might make fasting more severe because throughout the day the body does not get a source of energy while lack of sleep causes fatigue.

Luckily there are several ways that can be done to overcome sleep deprivation so that the body stays energized while fasting.

Some people have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning.

This habit is usually carried out at dawn.

Those who lack sleep are not advised to drink coffee.

Coffee can indeed increase energy in a short time, but not for long, tiredness comes back.

Natural light from the sun will help wake the body.

Try to walk outdoors so that the body receives signals automatically the brain receives signals to wake up.

A study revealed sunlight can reduce drowsiness.

When lacking sleep, the body tends to want something sweet like sugar and carbohydrates.

If obeyed, it will cause a surge of energy in a short time but also decrease rapidly.

Choose foods like wheat, protein, fruit, and vegetables at dawn or break the fast to make the body more excited.

Sleep deprivation causes the body to become tired and cause drowsiness.

The longer the activity, the stronger the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue.

Therefore, do something difficult first because the brain is still able to work well and concentrate.

Although work accumulates, someone who lacks sleep still needs time to rest.

Take 10-20 minutes in the afternoon to close your eyes and let your mind wander.

But remember, this time is not used for sleep.

If the body feels lethargic during fasting, start walking fast to wake the body.

This activity can only be done, including on the sidelines of work.

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