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5 Squat Benefits That Make You No Need To Gym

5 Squat Benefits That Make You No Need To Gym
Who never squats? It feels squat has become a common thing for Indonesians.

We know that squatting can be done anywhere and anytime, even almost every day we do it.

Squatting alone is a position that places the body half-standing by bending the knee.

But have you ever thought squatting has certain benefits? Launching Life and Health on Wednesday, here are 5 reasons why squatting has benefits.

The first reason why squatting is important is because squatting is a natural thing that humans have.

Yes, almost every day we don't feel like we are squatting, from sitting to using the toilet.

The more you build muscles when squatting, the quadriceps, back thighs, calves, and abdomen, you will get muscle function normally and even optimally.

For some people, squatting is a difficult thing to do especially for Westerners.

If it is difficult to do so, you can start squatting using a tool to help you.

Simply put, squats make blood move and flow throughout your body in a more efficient way.

Good blood circulation is very important for good health because blood carries oxygen to the brain and all other body parts.

Squatting has the unique ability to encourage muscle development throughout your body.

Because squatting is a combined moment that recruits about 70% of your body muscle mass, natural testosterone, growth hormone, and other anabolic hormones.

These natural anabolic hormones are released for the purpose of helping your body build muscle.

So, don't ignore squatting because it's a natural way to increase your ability to build muscle.

Headaches When Exercising?

Headaches When Exercising? This is the reason!
But sometimes headaches arise after exercising.

According to Ilan Danan, MD, MSc, a sports neurologist at the Center for Sports Neurology and Pain Relief at Cedars Sinai in the Jobe Institute, you can overcome this if it happens.

This is a headache that appears during or after high intensity exercise.

A will feel pain all over the head, but not like a migraine that is only one side and not like a normal headache.

Headaches because this exercise tends to beat.

There are two types of headaches when exercising namely primary and secondary.

Primary exercise is a headache that usually lasts between five minutes and 48 hours while the secondary can last longer and worse.

Severe exercise is the most common cause, said Dr. Danan.

Other causes and risk factors include changes in height, dehydration, heat, humidity, and low blood sugar.

But mostly because you do it too hard.

If secondary headaches require a doctor's visit, headaches due to exercise usually heal themselves.

If you use over-the-counter drugs, try something anti-steroid like Advil or Aleve instead of Tylenol, Dr. Danan.

However, if you exercise almost every day it's good to consider environmental causes and monitor the weather rather than using Advil every day.

If you are prone to headaches caused by exercise, Dr. Danan said that the best step besides taking anti-inflammatory medication is to make sure you warm up and make it easier for you to exercise.

This is very helpful when headaches are caused by environmental elements outside your control.

This Is What Will Happen In The Body If You Work Continue

This Is What Will Happen In The Body If You Work Continue
DOYAN works, it really doesn't hurt, especially if what you are doing is something that makes you happy.

If done, what will happen is your body gives signs such as pain in the body or can actually be in the form of serious symptoms.

If you look at government regulations, especially those stipulated in Civil Servants, working hours every day are 9 hours, starting from 8 to 5 pm.

Seeing this phenomenon, the Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD, gave an explanation, if you are among those who like to work, it never hurts to take a little time to rest in the office.

But, how much and sophisticated vitamins you consume for a tired body, the medicine is still just resting.

There are hormones that are released by the body at night and if our condition is working, of course the expenditure of this hormone is not optimal.

Especially if coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and drinking alcohol, consuming excessive food with a high number of calories that are not in accordance with what should be, this will worsen the health condition of the body.

On the other hand, not only is the body troubled, but also the mind can be affected because of this bad habit.

This can occur due to inadequate and irregular rest periods with insufficient sleep at night.

Such conditions are also at risk for various diseases especially if the work is carried out with high levels of stress.

Various diseases that are triggered due to stress can be from acute to chronic.

Acute infections associated with a decreased immune system such as upper respiratory tract infections, lower respiratory tract infections, intestinal infections including typhoid fever, mosquito-borne infections such as dengue hemorrhagic fever, and viral hepatitis infection are infections that occur in a person due to decreased body power .

Then, other chronic diseases that occur due to stress factors are recurrence of gastric acid such as GERD or gastric pain, sensitive intestinal syndrome, recurrent asthma, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension that relapse due to stress or fatigue syndrome.

"Stress factors contribute to a person getting cancer and experiencing deterioration in the cancer if the stress cannot be controlled. If the stress condition is prolonged, there could be a chronic physical disorder which is often referred to as a psychosomatic disorder, a health disorder often experienced because someone is stressed , "he explained.

Various complaints that can arise when a person experiences stress include headaches, dizziness, trembling hands, neck pain, back pain and stiff muscles, sweating, especially at the tips of the fingers and toes, besides the fingertips and feet feel cold, itching on the skin for no apparent reason.

Bathing Once A Day Makes Your Body More Healthy

Bathing Once A Day Makes Your Body More Healthy, This Is The Proof
There is NO official research on how often people should bathe, but people all over the world both in countries like India, the US, Spain and Mexico all bathe once a day, according to Euromonitor International.

On the AskAnAmerican channel, some of the top commentators in the US say they shower up to twice a day, depending on how often they exercise.

And in Brazil, where temperatures exceed 100 degrees during the summer, some people can bathe more than 11 times a week, according to Euromonitor.

The American Academy of Dermatology advises parents about how often they have to look at their children, based on how dirty and smelly they get.

If they are not too dirty, they recommend taking a bath at least once or twice a week for children between the ages of 6 and 11 years.

Their developing immune system needs small doses of bacteria and viruses to grow strong.

But once we reach age 12, the bathing guidelines begin to change.

AAD seems to assume that almost everyone is trying to get rid of the odor found in the body during adolescence, and has a routine for bathing more than twice when they reach puberty.

Actually, we might not need to take that much bath because the bath can remove skin moisture.

Soap used for bathing is made to attract dirt and oil from the skin.

When losing natural oils combined with hard rubbing of the body and washing using boiling water, it can dry your skin.

Skin damage from bathing does not stop when you finish bathing, according to David Leffell, author of "Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care for Life" and head of dermatological surgery at the Yale School of Medicine.

Leffell told Business Insider that when a person comes out of the bathroom and dries his body with a towel, the moisture left on the surface of their skin will completely disappear.

In other words, a layer of moisture is pulled from your skin when you come out of the bathroom, Leffell said.

Unfortunately for those who like to take a hot shower, the hotter the water, the worse the phenomenon of absorbing this moisture, because warm water evaporates so that it lifts the skin moisture even faster than cold.

6 Ways to Stay Energetic When Fasting Despite Sleep Deprivation

6 Ways to Stay Energetic When Fasting Despite Sleep Deprivation
In fact, it does not rule out the possibility of reduced sleep.

This might make fasting more severe because throughout the day the body does not get a source of energy while lack of sleep causes fatigue.

Luckily there are several ways that can be done to overcome sleep deprivation so that the body stays energized while fasting.

Some people have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning.

This habit is usually carried out at dawn.

Those who lack sleep are not advised to drink coffee.

Coffee can indeed increase energy in a short time, but not for long, tiredness comes back.

Natural light from the sun will help wake the body.

Try to walk outdoors so that the body receives signals automatically the brain receives signals to wake up.

A study revealed sunlight can reduce drowsiness.

When lacking sleep, the body tends to want something sweet like sugar and carbohydrates.

If obeyed, it will cause a surge of energy in a short time but also decrease rapidly.

Choose foods like wheat, protein, fruit, and vegetables at dawn or break the fast to make the body more excited.

Sleep deprivation causes the body to become tired and cause drowsiness.

The longer the activity, the stronger the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue.

Therefore, do something difficult first because the brain is still able to work well and concentrate.

Although work accumulates, someone who lacks sleep still needs time to rest.

Take 10-20 minutes in the afternoon to close your eyes and let your mind wander.

But remember, this time is not used for sleep.

If the body feels lethargic during fasting, start walking fast to wake the body.

This activity can only be done, including on the sidelines of work.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Vascular Health

Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Vascular Health

Environmental conditions also affect a person's health.

Pollution, radiation, UV light, and others can make the body exposed to free radicals.

This certainly can threaten health because free radicals damage cells in the body, thus inhibiting system performance.

The body needs protection, an antioxidant that is useful for fighting free radicals.

The body can actually produce its own antioxidants.

But the amount is not sufficient to ward off all exposure to free radicals so that additional protection is needed.

Eating hydrogen water for health has become the lifestyle and needs of people in developed countries such as Japan, Korea, and America.

Hydrogen water is known as an antioxidant that is good for health, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and can be used for skin beauty.

The nature of hydrogen water is counteracting free radicals.

In a number of studies, hydrogen water has been shown to prevent various diseases including helping the healing process.

According to cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons, Dr. Deddy K. Siahaan, Sp. BTKV, FIHA, hydrogen water can prevent chronic diseases such as heart, stroke, and lung.

This is because substances in hydrogen can bind and remove free radicals in the body.

"Hydrogen water acts as an antioxidant that is able to bind free radicals and remove chemical cells in damaged cells. That way, the damaged cells can be repaired and return to optimal work," said the doctor who was familiarly called Deddy when Okezone met at the launch of Hydro -Gen Fontaine PEM & Inhalers hosted by LiveWell Global on Friday.

According to a study in the Journal of Vascular Heart and Risk Management in 2014, consumption of water containing high concentrations, in this case hydrogen water, can routinely help maintain blood vessel function.

The water can neutralize free radicals that cause atherosclerosis or blood vessel problems.

In addition, in 2 liters of hydrogen water with a molecule 1200-1500ppb containing antioxidants which is equivalent to 1512 bananas plus 1032 apples.

On the other hand, hydrogen water can help the healing process for patients who experience blockages in blood vessels.

As is known, blockages, especially in the coronary arteries can cause heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Blockages occur because of plaques that accumulate due to cholesterol levels and blood sugar that are too high, as well as other problems.

"Antioxidants in hydrogen water can help transport plaques in blood vessels one by one slowly through the erosion process. Thus helping the healing process and is expected to help the performance of blood vessels to be better," said Dr. Deddy.

Bending Position Is Not Completely Bad For Body Posture

Bending Position Is Not Completely Bad For Body Posture
Many people want to have a perfect posture.

So do not be surprised if they are very concerned about his position when standing, sitting, or sleeping.

As much as possible they avoid positions that are considered wrong and are considered to interfere with body posture.

The position of bending in front of the computer or when watching television is considered to damage the body posture.

In addition, this position can develop back pain or stiff neck.

But the latest research reveals if the position is actually not so alarming.

Everything depends on the pressure in the spine.

In fact, in the results of the study said sitting posture bent can help increase the amount of fluid between the spinal discs and help reduce stiffness in the joints.

Research conducted by a physiotherapist at the North Tees University Hospital in Durham concluded that some of the habits of bowing can provide a good alternative to upright sitting positions.

The same thing was expressed by research in Australia.

In the study it was said that taking the time to sit in a hunchback position while sitting upright can help keep the muscles in the core and legs.

An osteopath from London, Gavin Smith gave his opinion on this matter.

"The position of sitting upright can activate the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and back. With a sitting position bent, the muscles become relaxed. Some periodic relaxation is needed and it is very helpful," said Gavin as quoted from The Sun , Thursday.

On the other hand, he also said if the sitting position is upright where the feet are flat on the floor and the back is straight it can cause tension in the middle of the spine.

Even in worse conditions that position can cause breathing problems.

"Sitting or standing in any position for a long time is not a good thing. The position of bowing is actually good and not worse than an upright sitting position. As long as it doesn't do it all the time," explained Gavin.

Therefore, he recommends that everyone change positions every hour to avoid tension that can damage the posture.